Plant Ambitions

Here at Flora Jones, we cherish plants and are infatuated with their vast diversity of form, textural displays, and their endless chromatic variations. It is our intent to humbly present these spectacles of nature on the smallest scale or in a grand design and any permutation in between.

Flora Jones is a floral art and design studio specializing in indoor and outdoor container gardening, floral styling and displays. Our design ideology is steeped in pushing the traditions of planting aesthetics. We search for the uncommon in seed and plant form, coddling them as they establish themselves and then, fingers-crossed, flourish. Our designs eschew the customary by including heirloom, under-utilized, unexpected and native flora varieties whenever possible. The weirder the better, we think, and unruly growing habits are embraced and encouraged. Much of the plant material in our designs are grown on our tiny slice of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, ethically foraged from the roadside, and our containers are often vintage or re-purposed vessels.

If you would like to begin a conversation about how Flora Jones can compose something floral for your home or business, please fill out the form on the ‘How to Get Some Flora Jones‘ page on this website or simply give us a call, 215.767.6410.