Of humility.

Plants don’t know they are beautiful, useful, large, small, cultivated or not, they just are all of these without intent or motivations. And far be it for me to try too hard where flora is concerned as this always disappoints. I don’t want to endeavor putting down too many words about plants and flowers, as I find these fall short too. For me it is a complete adoration of plant material; then the mechanics of seed choice, sowing and planting, soil amending, insect control (or lack there of), constantly educating myself. Initially I wanted to pursue flower farming but quickly realized designing was far more powerful to me than harvesting 500 zinnias a week. So that is what I do, design with plant materials– container gardens, floral styling, mixed media, site specific installations.

All the plants shown in these photographs are grown on a small slice of this fine planet in lovely Lancaster County, PA. If you would like to contact me to begin a conversation about how flora can change your perspective, please call or email. 215.767.6410 | florajonesposies@gmail.com