Flora Jones Bouquets

We love making bouquets for you to take home or to share with another so give us a call or email, 215.767.6410, florajonesposies@gmail.com and we can make one just for you. The bouquet pictured here features Spider Flower, Italian White Sunflowers, Snapdragons, Basil, Bearded Tongue, Irish Poet Flower, Flowering Tobacco, Chocolate Cosmos, Fireworks Globe Amaranth, Cardoon and Globe Flower foliage, all varieties grown by FJ.

2 thoughts on “Flora Jones Bouquets

  1. Heather,
    I love your eye for Art, passion for Nature’s beauty, and your devotion to keeping our environment a sustainable one. FLORAJONES is a breath of fresh air and I would love to set up a weekly bouquet service for my business, BLOOM SALON. I have heard only wonderful things about you through Jane and am looking forward to meeting you. I’d love to display your work and share your name and talent with my clients and friends. I am a small one-stylist salon but a fair amount of my client base are folks looking to reduce their footprint on the Earth. They are aware of the dangers of chemicals and enjoy shopping local and Natural/Organic/Green whenever possible.

    Thank you for the gorgeous business card and menu. If you have more I could pass out, that would be wonderful.

    I’ll be in touch!


    Amy Mendenhall


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