Beautiful Microcosms

After reading yet another nouveau floral designer book, (I have to stop buying these), I decided to take stock of my design evolution. Specifically, is there any evidence of said evolution? Would I even recognize evolution amidst the overactive thoughts of self-judgement and critique? I am not sure, and is this ‘evolution’ even important or is it just spurred by ego? Too much thinking. Instead, here are some of the favorite micro-vistas I found while sifting through the photo fodder I have taken through the years.

Early Fall Flowers

Soon it will be the autumnal equinox. This time of year has always been special to me though I always have to quickly add that spring is important too. However, in my deepest recesses, fall is my favorite. I walk the small slice daily, in the morning especially, before the world is too woke. I had some lovelies nodding to me the other morning so I thought an arrangement would be in order. There were some faded roses and some full blown Japanese anemone, even a flowering echeveria. I tried to do them justice, as always, though I feel like I fell short here.

Mini Ikebana

Last fall, as there is each fall for the last 100 years, several small towns in Lancaster County have a street fair. The fair closest to where we are includes farm, flower arranging, growers, jam, quilt exhibits, among other disciplines. We saw that one of the categories for flower arranging was a miniature arrangement. We have been designing them since and love the challenge of using small enough floral materials to be truly considered miniature.