A New Chapter

Flora Jones is setting up shop in a new area, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. This is the workshop where all the flower growing, harvesting, arranging will happen. If the snow will stop falling, we may be able to actually make some beds for the seedlings currently growing in the house. I know spring will come, it always does, however this year I am impatient to begin in earnest.

Post Frost

Shortly before the deadly frost prediction, I cut everything that was still viable in the container garden and made some arrangements. Particular to these ‘arrangements’ is the Nageire Chabana concept of composing flowers within ten seconds. This variety of Ikebana is more relaxed than the elaborate structural type of arrangements and is typically part of the tea ceremony. The crux of this flower philosophy is if the arranger takes longer than ten seconds, their ego will be imparted onto the flowers thus detracting from their intrinsic beauty. I will continue this challenge of the ten second arrangement and expect to learn a thing or two.