Subscription Flowers for Businesses

Hello business owners! Did you know that flowers add value to your bottom line? Studies have revealed that consumers feel compelled to travel further and spend more when flowers and plants are around. In addition, consumers are left with a residual favorable impression of your business and are more apt to return to your establishment for more of what you offer. That is why Flora Jones is on a mission to fill the world of business with fresh flowers. Restaurants, boutiques, salons, spas, galleries, corporate offices, essentially all places with humans should have fresh flora in their midst. Our designs are created with floral material sourced locally and seasonably so arrangements in the depths of winter reflect the season by featuring forced bulbs, seed pods, moss, evergreens, branches, lichen, and indoor plants while arrangements designed during our local growing season overflow with a glorious bounty. Flower containers are carefully considered too and we offer many options which include plenty of vintage charm.

Weekly | Monthly Options

Prices vary on arrangement size with the smallest posy starting at $15. We would love to visit to assess your needs/project and then discuss pricing.

Aside from floral arrangements, Flora Jones offers indoor dish gardens, out-door container gardens, holiday/seasonal decorating, bouquets, ‘pop-up shop’ at your location, hands-on classes, so many options to add beauty and value to your environment. Please contact us at, 215.767.6410, to start the conversation about how plants and flowers can generously enhance your business and your world.