A waning season

Soon it will ‘really’ be fall and we will no longer have temperatures above 70 or 80 degrees for days on end. The trees will take on their delicious and familiar cloaks and then leave them on the ground for us. The light changes this time of year along with the plants, animals, insects. It seems I am not alone in my adoration of autumn. Flower growers posting pictures of their fall bounties, most share the love for this season. It is a special time for many reasons so I intend on relishing all the beauty before my eyes until the next season shows its loveliness, then my eyes will have yet another feast.

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  1. I really like this page. Autumn is my favorite time of year … except during winter, when I start thinking spring might be my favorite, with its joys of the explosion of life and all its beauty and wonder. But it’s always autumn that brings out all the really deep, melancholy feelings … that feeling of a transition from life into death; from light into darkness; from warmth into a stark coldness. Very powerful. The photos are all excellent … I wish they were all large like the initial blog photo.



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